I am excited!

I came to Mexico and my world completely changed.  It’s one thing to research and read about it but a whole other thing to be living it!

You see, I now see…

  • how I can live amazingly well on $1,000 USD a month and no money stress.
  • how I enjoy my days and actually live.
  • how happy my son is, free from all constraints and preconceived notions.
  • how new ideas come to me regularly now that I have the space to think and breathe (and best of all a lot are money making ideas).

I literally can go on about this all freaking day! But I won’t…nope, I won’t…

Instead, I created a course to help single moms break free; to create and implement a plan to move abroad with their children and create the dream life they desire.

We dive into 10 areas, strictly from the perspective and needs of the single mom because, hey, it’s different for us!

And I’m inviting YOU!

Click here to get the details and sign up for our 10 month mastermind designed for you, the single mom. I will work with you, in a group of ladies going after the same goal for 10 months, helping you through every step of preparation to take the leap to move abroad. Don’t stop here, your life is waiting! Let’s go!

Enrollment is always open! I can’t wait to see you in there!